2008/09/05 07:51

My message



In the past, I used to show my artistic pieces only to the familiar people whom I can trust.

I didn’t like to show my products to the general public.

I hated unknown people’s trespassing my paintings where I express what I have in my mind.


However, I started changing.

Drawing became something that enables me to face my own spirit, to confront my own mind, and to clear issues one by one.

I realized that sharing something with other people is not a fear, but reassurance, pleasure, and love.


The world that comes up by shaping sensibility is a world that is beyond individuals.

You can communicate, through drawing, with those who you don’t usually associate with in the daily life.

A small life, the spiritual world beyond substances, is filled with beauty and love.

That world is a pure world without covers. There, small lives shine brilliantly.


This is apparent in the animal and pointillism paintings.

I heartily hope that I may share that world with other people.

I believe that drawing is a wonderful way of expressing yourself, tying persons with persons beyond language.



I wish to leave a message that the door to the beautiful world is kept untouched in everybody’s profound spirit.

I am not a particular person.

I was born in an ordinary family. I started drawing with papers and pastel crayons.

And I continued drawing as I like. I thus was able to come across a new self. At the same time, I was able to meet a moving world far beyond myself.


I am enthusiastic in passing on my belief that we humans are able, as individuals, to open our own doors to become happy.



In my drawings I express the moving experience at the time when I came across the beauty of life, visualizing the feelings of ecstasy.

The possibilities in the world are limitless, so it is unlikely that my drawings could stand at the top thereof.

Where I reached so far is still a “point,” so what I should do is to expand this “point.”

I do believe that this is a task posed on us, human beings.

I am exercising the maximum force I have, to express the moving experience I have had until now.




I do not have any particular techniques for drawing pictures.

Nor any specialist skills. However, I am alive.

Being alive, yes, is the maximum talent I have.

If you have this talent, you could make something bigger than you could with techniques.

I believe that we each have limitless strengths. That is like you may get anything made available from the heaven, like water from a spring.

I believe that everybody, each one of you, is an artist.  

If the world’s people could experience this, I am convinced that the entire world would be full of more excitement and wonders.

And I expect them to start the chain of beauty.



If you force someone to do the same action as others, only to help take a group action easily, that may lead to the situation where one’s artistic talent may not fully blossom.

Copying might lead us to development, but if the purpose is the goal of itself, this would tend to hamper our development.


I hope that a society, in which individuals’ characters and sense may be fully exercised, could be realized.

If humans become richer, enabling each one’s capabilities to blossom, the property called cooperativeness may blossom, too.


Because there are others, you may recognize individuals.

Other people are a concept that persons necessitate. I believe that humans could gain a large step forward by means of confrontation. However, that does not mean copying.

This means you should keep confrontation with your “self” well maintained. I like to draw butterflies.

This shows that what has been balanced could result in blooming.




Adults and societies often deprive children of their genius talents and limitless ideas.

We felicitate the birth of children worldwide, hoping that they may fully use their wonderful talents.


In order to realize this world, other people, not parents, should provide children with proper information.

All children should cherish big dreams, and I hope to let them learn that the dreams could be realized by their own will.


As an idea for this, I am thinking of a theme park, in which excellent features of the world people’s artistic works and nature-initiated art products could be expressed in an easy-to-understand and popular manner.

We tell children that big art works are made with piles of smaller pieces of work. We also should tell them that the nature that everybody can see is full of love.

Small flowers, grasses, ants, butterflies, the sky, the sun, and the moon are filled with something moving.

The scenes around you are full of miracles, and each one of you has good opportunities.

In this theme park, you may listen to orchestrated classical music, free of charge.

This is a theme park where you can obtain hopes for living, while enjoying yourself.




Drawings have expressions different from language.

You can transfer your world directly to others. At the same time, language, too, has a great impact.

Single words are lumps of logics.

Sensibility and intelligence are two items of talent we are provided.

When you combine, with sensibility, single words with single words, and sentences with sentences, here is a poem.

Logical sentences may directly transfer the right path to others, while poems connected with sensibility may transfer the space, not course, to others.

The work of lining up welling sentences, like making drawings, involves collaboration of intelligence and sensibility.

Thus, the expression called a poem is very helpful to me in transferring my own world view to the people around me.




The world continues developing, in an effort to be rich.

We are continuing stepping forward, in hopes to become happier. We feel happy not only when we have good enough wealth, but also when we are rich in spiritual terms. We search for a world filled with love and beauty.

We should create a new age in which a lot of people may enjoy their richness, may love each other, and may have more opportunities to come in contact with beauty.

To realize this, everyone should be aware of the fact that each one living has limitless talent, and it will be wonderful if they now should start moving and creating.


Thank you very much.







I opened the door to the world of beauty that spreads in the bosom of spirit. I, in my twenties, turned an eye to the inside of myself.

A large darkness was there.

Fear, anger, grief, terror, and varieties of scars in that darkness tormented me. 

I kept facing each of them.


I took steps and steps, forward.

Then, a small light came into my sight.

That light grew larger and larger?big enough to cover me up. A beautiful scene, I’ve never seen before, appeared in front of me.

I came across a new world. There, small lives are ever shining brightly. 

I came to hope that I could share this beautiful scene with other people, thereby making up my mind to draw paintings.

I want this finding to remain in the art history, as a token of my own birth in this generation, with a view to passing it on to the ages yet to come.


In 2002

I made up my mind to face myself.

I dropped playing by myself.

I encountered a large darkness inside myself.

I spent days and days, suffering fear and despair.

I drew paintings as if I spew out.

I’ve been kept alive by the beautifulness of small lives and the greatness of the nature.


It was when the “people,” including myself, looked like demons, and when I was losing hopes to live and was clinging to the death, that a light from the moon covered me up, with the brightness I’ve never experienced. 

When small grasses and flowers, always besides me, got wet with rain, a drop thereof comforted me.

There was love.

I thought I may visit the world of love, by choosing death.

Thus, I came to live in the world of illusions.


A clever and gentle angel was always close to me, and I was on the lap of God.

I was between a real world of despair and an illusory world of beauty, visiting and leaving one the other.

Opening the door to darkness over and over again, I lost my own values because of despair.

I continued walking in the darkness.

Cries of desperation are heard.


Cherry blossoms and a beautiful, gigantic spider are seen, high in the blue night sky. 

When I was walking on a road, the sky fell to the earth, overturning. 

I dreamed of a lot of dreams.

I was on the back of a big dragon, touring around the world.

Stone-sculpted animals were inspired with life, and they began moving.

A beautiful flower is in bloom, under the sky in red, like flames. 

Someone tries to look important by copying and analyzing, while I dislike social and historical studies.

Symmetry does not exist. No two things are the same in this world.

I wish to believe only in the impact and energy that accompany creation.

Varied thoughts encircled in my head, which forced me to make paintings and poems, only to control excitement. 

Then, I saw beams of light coming on, gradually. 


Beauty began, bit by bit, dwelling in the “people,” who looked only like demons. 

It began to seem that the world of beauty I seek is the same as the world of beauty the society wants.

While a stock of paintings I’ve drawn, are, as I pledged, to be shown only to reliable friends, God, and the angel next to me, I now like them to be seen by more people.


I came across the world of beauty, far in the back of the darkness in spirit.

That was a fusion between the real world and the illusory world.

I was able to unite with the beautiful world, without breaking into the solitary world of illusions.


Then, I came to keep a big dream.

That is, I wish to pass on my findings in the world of beauty to the entire earth.

I would like to present, as a token, the paintings of my own to the whole world of art.

The large door to the world sleeps in the bosom of each individual.

Everyone has the key to the door.

What the key means is, face yourself straight.


When you turn an eye to a smaller world, coming to you closer gently, a gigantic world attacks you suddenly.

While covering up a smaller world, I am overwhelmed by a larger world behind, whereby I have an illusion as if I am extinct.

Then, I see a beautiful scene spreading in front of my eyes.